Mary DesRosiers

7 Lampman Road Harrisville, NH 03450



Mary DesRosiers is a New Hampshire native who has been calling traditional American dances for over thirty years. She has taught the contra and square dances and singing games of New England to audiences of all ages in town halls, schools, and at music festivals around the country. Mary makes learning the old-time dance steps easy and fun, and adds humor and a touch of historical context to every performance. She is dedicated to preserving the heritage of old-time music and dancing for all to share.

Mary also offers programs in some of the ritual dances of England, including longsword, morris, garland, and the Abbot's Bromley horn dance. She has taught the Christmas Mummers Play with its song and dance elements, and is available for holiday residencies.

Contradance Caller

  1. -Public Dances

  2. -Weddings

  3. -Schools

  4. -Camps

  5. -Private Parties

  6. -Festivals

  7. -Libraries

A Little Music on the Prairie

What is contradancing?

Contradancing is a combination of simple dances, some in facing lines and some in circles or other formations. It is the direct descendant of the dances done by the first European settlers in New England. It is accessible to all and is instructed, or “called” continuously with live music, most commonly fiddle and piano. No special clothing or lessons are needed, and all are welcome to join.

“She unleashed a torrent of joyful expression and merriment.”

    -Cia Iselin, founder The Game of Village camp

Photo by Annie Card